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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Najib cannot treat PKR Wanita Chief lightly

Venue : Ibupejabat Keadilan, Merchant Square, Damansara, Selangor

Event : Sebelum sidang media

Date : 19/2/2013 @ 11.00 am

Ah Jib Gor appeared on a CNY TV commercial playing the Chinese drum. Keadilan Wanita Chief, Zuraida Kamaruddin felt that Ah Jib Gor looked out of place and 'unreal' with the drum. I have managed to coax her into showing the correct manner to treat and great with the Chinese drum when the Lion Dance troupe paid a visit to Keadilan HQ during their rounds in the area today..  

She was afraid that I might 'spin' the video.. Well in good faith I am sharing with the viewers the two clips that I shot without 'manipulation' save for the 'slow mo' effect in the second segment...Amacam ada gaya boleh gugat Ah Jib Gor ???

Note : Ajib Gor corrected to Ah Jib Gor on 21/2/2013 @ 8.57 am