Thursday 11 September 2014

Reopening of Teoh's case may restore SPRM & PDRM's image

Lokasi : Kelab Seri Damansara

Acara : Sidang media oleh Tunku Abdul Aziz mengenai pembukaan semula kes Teh Beng Hock

Tarikh : 10/9/2014

Press Statement

Reopening the Teoh Beng Hock Case

The decision of the Court of Appeal to overturn the coroner’s open verdict in the Teoh Beng Hock case has been well received by Malaysians as a whole.  This decision has helped enormously to restore public confidence and has put to rest serious doubts about the integrity of the country’s judiciary.  This decision has demonstrated that the courts in this country are not beholden or subservient to the government and that they are free to administer justice without fear of favour.  In several instances they have handed down judgement against the government.

The Court of Appeal in ordering the case to be reopened has been careful to underline the importance of a thorough investigation because it was clear that the judges were less that satisfied with the conduct of the investigation which led to the coroner’s open verdict. A thoroughly professional investigation is now called for in the interest of justice not only for Teoh Beng Hock’s family but also for the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission which has had to operate under a cloud of suspicion following his death in suspicious circumstances.

Only a thoroughly professional investigation will clear the air and allow the MACC to be fully vindicated so that it will only again earn public confidence.  For the police, too, this latest development presents a further opportunity to redeem themselves professionally.  Opposition parties should allow the relevant authorities to revisit this case without political interference.  This is a criminal investigation and should not be turned into a political inquisition, however tempting this might be.  However strong our suspicions may be, we have to remember that it is evidence that counts and decides, - not innuendoes and baseless accusations.  It is therefore incumbent on the investigators to focus on the controversial case, and they should look at every scrap of information.  In other words, they should leave no stone unturned.

I have complete confidence that the Attorney-General will as always, provided credible evidence is put before him, he will do what is required of him under the law.  This case has an important bearing on our criminal justice system, and both the MACC and the Teoh family deserve the best that the police can provide so that it may be closed with dignity and justice.

Tunku Abdul Aziz
President, Anti-Corruption Foundation of Malaysia


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Q : There are reports that DAP has requested its members to apply pressure on the police by lodging massive police reports nationwide. Standard report template is said to have been prepared for this purpose..

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Q : The court of appeal may have agreed to reopen the case based on new evidences that may have been introduced to them. Do you think that certain parties are trying to put pressure for fear of the truth which may impact them ?

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  1. Siapa di sebeahnya tu...macam tak berapa nak setuju?

    1. Sebelahnya tu adalah kawan rapat dan teman seperujuagan beliau.,sama sama bekas anggota DAP.Tidak mungkin beliau tidak bersetuju bila duduk semeja begitu.saya kenal keduanya ,kerana pernah bersama mereka berbincang mengenai politik DAP.

    2. Lelaki tersebut ialah Tan Tuan Tat,bekas Pengerusi DAPTaman Seri Sg Pelek dan telah menjadi ahli DAP selama 18 tahun sebelum meninggalkan parti tersebut