Sunday, 19 April 2015

Do not vote war mongers to Parliament - Tun Dr Mahathir

Venue : Dewan Tun Ismail, PWTC, Kuala Lumpur

Event : International Forum, 'Criminalise WAR'

Date : 18/4/2015

A very strong and pertinent message from Tun Dr Mahathir to the young crowd attending the forum. Do not vote war mongering representatives to Parliament. 

BADARIAH JAAFAR,  CEO Perdana Leadership Foundation
PROF SALLEH BUANG (right) - A Barrister-at-Law from Lincoln's Inn, England, formerly served as a Federal Counsel in the Attorney-General's Chambers, Kuala Lumpur before he left for private legal practice, the corporate sector and finally academia. In 1972, he was trained under a post graduate UN fellowship at the International Court of Justice at the Hague Netherlands. Formerly a Visiting Professor at the Universiti Teknoloji Malaysia, Johor Bahru, he is a full-time consultant, author, public speaker, trainer and columnist. He had served  as a member of the Panel of Judges of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal in its proceedings in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013

DENIS J.HALLIDAY A United Nation Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq from 1/9/1997 until 1998. He is Irish and holds an M.A in Economics, Geography and Public Administration fromTrinity College, Dublin. In 2003 Denis Halliday was presented with the Ghandi Internationl Peace Award in recognition of his work drawing attention to the plight of Iraqis. Since leaving UN, Denis Halliday has been involved with a number of peace initiatives such as Perdana Global Peace Foundation, founded by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. He is also a member of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission.
PROF GURDIAL SINGH NIJAR  Director of Excellence for Biodiversity law (CEBLAW), Malaysia. He was the lead negotiator for Malaysia and Third World Countries in the negotiations that led to the adoption of 2 international treaties in October 2010; the Nagoya-KL Supplementary Protocol on Liability and Redress under the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety; the Nogoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing arising out of the Utilisation of Genetic Resources. He has represented Malaysia and like-minded developing countries in the climate change negotiations under the United Nations Convention Framework on Climate Change. He received the Anugerah Akademik Negara (National Academic Award) in 2011 and is a Professor of Law at the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. Prof Gurdial is also the Chief  Prosecutor at the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal and lead counsel of the People's Tribunal on the 13th General Elections 
HANS VON SPONECK  He served as a UN Assistant Secretary-General and UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq. Sponeck was awarded the 2000 Coventry Peace Prize by Coventry Cathedral and the City of Coventry, the 2000 Humanitarian Award from the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee and the 2003 Cremen Peace Award of the Threshold Foundation. He is a member of the World Future Council and also a member of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission
JOHN PHILPOT  A senior criminal litigation attorney. Member of the Barreau du Quebec since 1984, he has practice Criminal Law in Montreal since 1984 and International Criminal Law since 1998. John has pioneered litigation in International Criminal Law. He conducted the appeal of Mr Jean-Paul Akayesu , the first person convicted at trial of genocide at the International Criminal Tribunal of Rwanda (ICTR). He was also the Secretary -General of the American Association of Jurists from 1994 to  1997 and Associate Secretary -General from 1997 t0 2000. He is also a Judge at the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal
Tun Dr Mahathir with foreign students
ADMIRAL (R) VISHNU BHAGWAT   A former chief of the Naval Staff of India, having risen to the top and held key command & staff appointments. The Admiral's dedication to indigenous design and production of warships, submarines and aircraft and allied areas of industry, science & technology, nuclear & space establishments, for long, was noted by the nation's leadership and has been consistently in alignment with the national goal of self-reliance. Has authored 5 books, numerous papers & articles, lectured at Stanford, Arab Development Forum, International & national forums on matters of contemporary interest & the Indian economy in the global & local  context. Regarded as a visionary in military strategic perspectives. 
INDER COMAR  American lawyer who represents Sundus Shaker Saleh as plaintiff against officials in the former administration of US President George W. Bush in class action lawsuit Saleh vs Bush. He was one of the first civil rights lawyers that was able to use market crowd-funding to investigate a single plaintiff civil suit.
PROF EMERITUS DATUK DR SHAD SALEEM FARUQI   A Malaysian Professor of Law who has served Universiti Teknologi MARA in Shah Alam, Selangor in various capacities from 1971 onwards. He was an Assistant Vice-Chancellor (1999-2001) and Legal Advisor (1996-2006, 2010-present). He has also been with the faculties of Law at the International Islamic University Malaysia, at  Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and a visiting professor/honorary legal advisor/Holder of the Tun Sambanthan Chair at Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang. He currently sits as one the Judges in the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal


  1. Thank you Mr Jinggo. We will cherish these fotos forever. I hope you don't mind if we use them in our news buletin. Thank you once again.


  2. No wonder Tun dilihat hebat kerana pergaulannya di kalangan mereka yg mempunyai integriti world class..

  3. Terimakasih di atas usaha amat mulia dan gigih YAB Ayahanda TUN TERCINTA kita; yg. TAK pernah PUTUS ASA! Harapnya YAB PM, anak kpd. YAB PM/BAPA KEMERDEKAAN Almarhum Tun Abdul Razak Hussein TERCINTA kita, kita akan dengaq nasihat-nasihat Ayahanda Tun kita ini; dan bukan nasihat SONGSANG si geng LIBERAL pro-US/Barat yg. BERLAMBAK dok MENGAMPU beliau keliling pinggang - terutamanya yg. TAMAKkan kuasa dan kemewahan (biaq hak/tanah/identiti NEGARA ISLAM kita ini serta hak BUMIPUTERA Islam/Melayunya terus TERGADAI) yg. galak dok suruh "sign" TPPA-Barat/ZIONIS-amat KEPARAT tu dan terus MELIBERALkan mana-mana syarikat GLC!!

    Nek Tempoyak.