Monday, 24 February 2014

Apa salah Anwar jadi MGR ?

Lokasi : Bersebelahan Kuil Mariamman, Taman Delima, Kajang, Selangor

Acara : Santai masyarakat India bersama Anwar Ibrahim

Tarikh : 23/2/2014  @ 2.00 pm

Apa salah Anwar menyanyi dan menari ikut rentak lagu MGR ?.. Ikuti alasan yang diberikan tuan punya badan..



  1. wal hasil, balik hasil.. asal keturunan india, perangai pun mestilah macam india. Tak heran sangat...

  2. masak la kaum india ni kena main si kaki pembohong @ kaki liwat...

  3. I am very shy to be an Indian. So easy this Anwar 'entertain' the Indians and get away with real issues. Kg Buah Pala problems were not resolved. Promised, promised and promised. That's all he can do. Nothing else. Indians please do not be fooled by this sex pervert. Wake up please.


  4. What has happen to the history of Indians in the Estates , completely erased by Mahakuti after 100 years, who pocketed out the profits with his cronies. This is 100 times worse than anything else. Mahathir has sucked the blood of Indians labourers lock, stock and barrel. This is how they intend to change the course of history. If Indians still vote for Barisan , that means they are still in a cocoon, despite the fact they are now a misfit in the Malaysian society.

  5. Hey Chandran , are u forming an appointment with Mahathir 's eye and ears. Will you have sex with your wife using Mahathir's penis. This is exactly what you are doing like Yuktes the official Asshole of UMNO, Nallakaruppan, Chnadra Muzafar, just paid assholes.