Thursday 26 September 2013

An enlightening evening on #TPPA with Tok Pa

Lokasi : Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Acara : Sessi penerangan mengenai #TPPA oleh Menteri MITI, DS Mustapa Mohamed

Tarikh : 25/9/2013  @ 9.00 pm


1. The most talked about issue that most people don't understand

2. Most GLCs in Malaysia are leaned towards agreeing and supporting TPPA

3. There are three parties responding to TPPA
     - opposing outright - NGOs formed specifically to oppose
     - supporting all the way - including GLCs
     - wait and see - including government MPs

4. Worries and concerns on
    - small bumi businesses
    - intelectual copy rights
    - GMOs - genetically modified organism.. in food industry
    - the effect to Malaysia in the event of a total withdrawal from the negotiation table

5. There are oppositions to TPPA in America, Japan and other countries as well, but it is most intense in Malaysia

6. The government of Malaysia is not bound by any time line or date line to sign the agreement. 

7. It is not true that the agreement will be signed during Obama's visit to this region

8. TPPA will not supersede or nullify existing bilateral agreements among TPPA members. It will only give an option for the countries to choose what is best and most beneficial to them if the terms referred to over lapse each other..

9. The government will only table the penultimate terms of agreement for public scrutiny and not the terms which are still being negotiated. 



  1. Saya teruja dengan kemampuan tuan menulis dalam bahasa Inggeris.

    1. Sekali sekala ada peluang tunjuk lah skill lama yang dah berkarat...hehe

  2. tahniah tokpa kerna beri pencerahan kpd isu berbangkit
    harap menteri yg lain dpt berbuat yg sama terhadap isu panas kpd kem masing2