Tuesday 5 September 2017

Sikap Najib terhadap wanita di anggap BACUL & CHEAP SKATE oleh Wanita Harapan

Acara : Sidang media Wanita Harapan untuk menyatakan sokongan kepada perhimpunan aman #WanitaBantahPolitikToksik

Lokasi : Pusat media Keadilan, Merchant Square, Damansara

Tarikh : 5/9/2017 @ 11.00 am

Video2 - Kenyataan media oleh Setiausaha Wanita Harapan, Teo Nie Ching  menjurus kepada kenyataan PM Najib Razak dimajlis yang melibatkan Wanita UMNO baru baru ini.  Najib dianggap Cheap Skate oleh Teo dan Bacul oleh Zuraida... ikuti rakaman 

Kenyataan bertulis Zuraida mengenai isu yang sama

Press Statement by YB Hajah Zuraida Kamaruddin dated 5 September 2017

PM Najib is blackmailing Malaysian women

The Prime Minister is holding women at ransom by putting the blame on women for his failure to include Section 88A in the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976 (Act 164). Clearly, if the Prime Minister wanted support from the opposition MPs regarding the unilateral conversion issue, he would have garnered the 2/3 majority needed to amend the Bill. However, the Prime Minister did not do that as he was not committed to solving issues pertaining to women’s rights.

Blaming the women and then blackmailing them for votes to ensure that women’s rights are protected will surely anger women voters. Canvassing for votes through such tactics is plainly stupid. 

The Prime Minister should resolve to field more women candidates to propose, second, and defend women-friendly policies. Instead, we have a Prime Minister who recently named himself chairman of the MyWIN Academy Advisory Council, an organisation meant to empower women. So where is the commitment to entrust capable women with leadership roles?

What more does the Prime Minister want? Short of wearing skirts, he has usurped and taken over positions of decision-making meant for women.

It was reported today that the Prime Minister will name and shame those Public-listed companies in Malaysia with no women directors. Such a progression towards women empowerment will only generate hate and animosity for women among men rather than healthy competition and mutual respect.

The Prime Minister should take note that the measures that he has taken so far undermine all women in the country. Sadly, Tan Sri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil and Dato Sri Rohani Abdul Karim are all too inattentive to women issues to give good and relevant advise to the Prime Minister.

I must also add that inaction on the part of the Prime Minister and other women ministers to intervene in Kedah's proposal - to legalise men's second marriages without the consent of the first wife - as being really insensitive towards women.

Together with all other women in Pakatan Harapan, I promise to lead the women in this country to better days ahead, starting with the banning of unilateral conversions. Thus, I challenge the Speaker and the Prime Minister to convene a special parliament sitting so that Section 88A may be addressed immediately instead of waiting until the next general election is done and over with. 

YB Hajah Zuraida Kamaruddin
Ketua Wanita Keadilan
Ketua Wanita Pakatan Harapan
Ahli Parlimen Ampang

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